No CV? No problem. British Council in Jakarta has just the internship for you

I’m only half joking. How lovely are those employers who refuse a CV? Just fill out the form you’ll find here at the British Council’s Jakarta, Indonesia website and they’ll be reviewing it within 30 days.

If you get the job, not only will you get to work in Tower II of the Jakarta Stock Exchange building, across the street from the ritzy Pacific Place mall, but you’ll also get to leave the office every day at 4:00 p.m. and you’ll get paid for your your work.

In other words, I don’t have any personal knowledge of this opportunity, but it reminds me of the time I answered about 25 questions on an online form and found myself a few months later working as an intern at my own country’s embassy on the other side of the world. Nothing could be more different than shopping for an actual expat job. And yet, what better way to find that job than to get your toe in the market as an intern.


About Sharehouse Jakarta

We publish a blog about expat life in the Dutch colonial district of Jakarta, Indonesia, the world's 4th largest and most laid back country.
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