Teach First Grade in Jogyakarta [31 Aug 2011]

This has been open for at least 22 days and you’ve still got over a week. It’s also a temporary spot, so that might check the competition a bit, also. Be aware that it has been advertized in the Jakarta Post as well as the primary expat and non-expat online forums in Indonesia. So I bet there’s at least 30-40 fat emails sitting in the principals Inbox right now.

The school itself appears on the list of I-schools at www.expat.or.id. So that’s good.There’s so many schools calling themselves “international” and advertizing in English you really have to go and see for yourself what the international connection is.

Here, the principal is an expat. But how much to ask for? Some key positions at Jakarta International School are worth over Rp 100 mil.  But if you asked for even Rp 20 mil for this key spot at this otherwise desirable I-school in Bali, they might just scratch your name off the short list. So don’t ask me.


Yogyakarta International School (est. 1989) is a small progressive Pre-Kindergarten with the International Primary Curriculum to IGCSE in our Secondary School that prides itself in providing a quality, inquiry-based education that produces happy, curious and confident learners with an international mindset. Our peaceful residential location and our small classes provide for an excellent and effective learning environment in the cultural capital of Indonesia.

We need qualified candidates for the position :

Temporary Teaching

Temporary grade 1-2 position using the International Primary Curriculum available for an expatriate teacher from mid September until December, due to maternity leave. Good conditions in a wonderful environment at Yogyakarta International School.


* Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, any field.
* Required language(s): English
* At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
* Preferably Senior Staffs specializing in Education or equivalent.
* Full-Time positions available.

Please send CV, referees, refrences to Manuel Moreno Via Email at principal@yis-edu.org


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We publish a blog about expat life in the Dutch colonial district of Jakarta, Indonesia, the world's 4th largest and most laid back country.
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